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Home Office Furniture – Made to Fit!

A work or study space needs to be functional, but this does not mean it can’t be beautiful.  Whether it is a study area for your children, an office for you to run a business from home, a quiet space to finish that novel or simply complete a crossword, William Rose Interiors can offer you a solution.

We will survey your room and  design a home-office that will blend in with your décor and create a space where you can be productive, comfortable and have everything you need within easy reach.  Whether you are looking for a traditional Oak study or a light contemporary workspace with sharp clean lines, we can fulfil your wishes.  We often incorporate lighting systems to further enhance the effect and functionality of your furniture.  All of our furniture can be built to give easy access to equipment whilst hiding any messy electrical cabling to ensure the clean lines of the furniture are maintained.

A wide variety of materials and finishes can be used to help you create that perfect look.


Home Office Spaces

Office Storage with Style

Bedroom Office Desks

Standard Desk & Drawers, But Built In!


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