Lounge and Living Space

We are finding more and more that Lounge and Living Space furniture is less well defined than it used to be. As kitchen/diners have increasingly become the focus of family life we often find a need for the same or similar furniture in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and even offices. Most lounge furniture that we are asked to design and create is aimed at improving storage and shelving and hiding AV/TV or computer modules and associated wiring and connectors. Therefore, recently we have been asked to create more TV/Media Wall units than anything else. However, we can still create bespoke furniture of any type to suit your needs. 

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Lounge Media Wall

With TV Mount and Bespoke Cabinetry and Shelving

Lounge TV Media Wall

With Bespoke Walnut cabinets with drop-down and slide doors and Shelving with Remote-Controlled LED lighting

Kitchen/Diner Living Space with Media Wall

Bespoke Shelving either side of a TV Wall. This media wall finishes a very impressive living space.