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Home Office Library

Novelty Home Office Tardis Door

Outside Pizza Oven Utensil Storage

Large TV Media Unit

Games Room Snooker Cue Storage

Slatted Wall panels with LEDs

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Unusual Projects

From time to time we enjoy the challenge of creating something other than home furniture. The images opposite give a flavour of a few of the more unusual projects that we have completed over the last year or so. Whether you want an office door made to look like the entrance to Dr Who’s Tardis or you need a weather-resistant storage unit for your outside Pizza oven utensils, we are happy to oblige. LED lighting is starting to feature more and more in the requests we get for internal furniture and works very well with modern bespoke slatted wall panels. Many of our recent requests have been for minimalist and slimline storage units for specific purposes such as the featured Games Room Snooker Cue display and shelving unit but occasionally we are asked to revert to more traditional styles such as the library cabinets and shelving shown. We can be very flexible in terms of materials, designs and styles. If you have an idea of furniture that you’d like to create please feel free to contact us using the form below or by calling us on 01926 316813.